Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkin Carving 2011

Fall Soccer 2011

Jackson played fall soccer for the 1st time this year. He just finished his season and he really enjoyed it. Their team was full of almost all 1st time players, so there was a serious learning curve. But they all did a great job. Jackson had 2 goals at the first game and one at the next to last game. And Dave was able to be the assistant coach for his team too!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Haircut

We are scheduled to have family pictures taken on Friday (October 21st), so I decided it was time to see if my hair was long enough to donate . . . and it was!! So I got a new haircut on Friday, October 14th and donated almost 10 inches to Children with Hair Loss.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fire Station Open House 2011

Our local fire station does an open house every year during "Fire Prevention Week". It is so fun . . . the kids get to climb into all the different trucks, try on the gear, put out pretend fires with real water tanks and more. We have a great friend that is a fireman, who has shown us around the station the last couple of years. As we left the station, Jackson says, "It is so cool that Mr. Bryan is a fireman. It was AWESOME tonight!!" Jackson and Kinsey then pretended to be a fireman/woman for several days, saving their baby dolls and stuffed animals, talking about our emergency plan, etc. It left quite the impact!! : )

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jackson's NEW room

In preparation for Jackson going to kindergarten this fall, we had planned at some point over the summer to move him to his own room and to put the girls into a room together. Looking at our crazy schedule and my parent's schedule (so they could watch everyone over night for us to actually accomplish the task), this past weekend was the best option. He was all excited about the idea of having his own room . . . he remembered all the Cards decor (that had once been on his walls) and saw the new Cars bedding that I picked up on Black Friday last year. But the week of, it started to sink in that he would be ALL ALONE in his new room . . . the excitement ended for a few days!!! Excitement resumed when he saw the new room!! We still have to reassure him a bit at bedtime, but he has done GREAT! To finish the room, we need to put up valances and add the trim piece that goes under the "display shelf" that Dave made. The dresser and headboard were pieces of the crib. The bed rails, box spring and mattress came from my Grandma Mary and most of the memorabilia came from giveaways/promotions from St. Louis Cardinals games.

Kinsey and Kayleigh's NEW Room

We took down the crib and said "good-bye" to babyland. Kayleigh (17 1/2 months) moved to the bottom bunk of the bunkbeds and Kinsey (3 1/2 years) moved up to the top bunk. Kinsey's one request was a PINK room . . . we found some new matching bedding at Kohls way on sale and revamped some of the decorations we already had (paint on a shelf, makeover of a picture frame, etc.) to pull it all together. When Kinsey saw the room, she squealed and started hugging the walls!! Kayleigh has done AWESOME in her "big girl" bed and Kinsey has done well overnight on the top bunk (naps on her brother's bed haven't gone quite as well, but we're still working on it). We still have to put up a valance and make a scripture/name art for Kayleigh.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Swim Lessons

The past two weeks we have been at the pool every morning for Jackson's lessons (which finish on Thursday) and every evening for Kinsey's (hers finished tonight).

Jackson has LOVED swim lessons and really could have used to have been challenged a bit more. Kinsey liked playing at the pool, but not so much the bobbing in the water or swimming in the deep end. Kayleigh got to spend some fun time in her stroller watching everyone : ) She did well despite the HOT weather (especially the last couple days).